Cycle: Ethereal realism

The cycle was created at the turn of the 2011 and 2012. It consist of realistic, as for the master Jan, paintings, although in the formal exhibition they are truly ethereal and fabulous. The Cracovian “Via Venezia” is stunning in its decorative, colorful and varied construction. However, the biggest mystery is hidden in the overlay of the underground houses, dungeons and corridors.

Flying fish, birds and beneath them, the biggest creature, dragon, live within the city. In the Italian Venezia, the nosy pilgrim wants to see what’s inside every house, what is hidden behind the blinds. In Cracov, the pilgrim wants to explore the mystery behind the gates and hidden yards. Waters of Grand Canale are the big mysteries of Venezia.

The witness of the Cracovian historical events is the Vistula’s stream. In the next painting from that cycle, “Object and Subject”, author Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz, has employed an interesting artistic and linguistic reduction. The author has portrayed figures of two birds of paradise. Viewing the painting from our perspective, the bird  that is running first is  “aobjective”.  In the background, like a shadow, the “asubjective” bird is running. The mystery of the painting raises a question: why are the birds running in different directions?

Piotr Uznański


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