Cycle: Facts and people

Facts and people are always an inspiration for an artist. Sometimes some unexpected or strong experiences motivate an artist to record them in a picture. Jan Kanty often places real persons in his works. The musicians from Venetian stories are real and the prototype of the dwarf Karlyttoas well. Gel-art characters come from the artist’s family, friends and colleagues. The artist sometimes gives the real people a form of animals or objects or, in some cases, deforms them.

He says that it is a hotchpotch of deformed reality. This series of pictures is supplemented by Zeus’s Pegasus – a little bit grotesque figure which the artist saw on a wall in Budapest. Pegasus is the guardian of artists. Therefore, I am sure that the Pegasus from Budapest, as well as the one from the Opera in Poznań, rise their wings with fondness over the master.

Piotr Uznański


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