Cycle: Proud hens break the walls

Like in a kaleidoscope hens and roosters are spinning within playful paintings. Every painting of that cycle is connected by the same characters – colourful birds. The paintings have got the dynamic of the composition. The artist is personifying the birds, and gives cultural meanings. Some of the paintings have got musical titles – “Pianoforte”, some are boned to the great musical pieces, such as “Mamma Mia” by ABBA. “Canto Cantare” sounds sonorously regardless so many years since its creation – the song about young people starting holidays with a backpack and the guitar.  Other paintings, although hilarious and bright, relate to serious and mature situations. They may even relate to the present – day national situation. Within that group of paintings there is “Pride and Prejudice?”, “War and peace” and “Hannibal ante Portas”, which is a repetition of Latin call – out.  “Obscene diaspora” is a hidden map of Europe. Everything, what is alive is running in one, Western direction. “Austro-Hungarian forecaster” (2014) become, probably not intentionally, a portent of events, which took place near the Danube and on the frontier of Hungary and Austria.

Piotr Uznański


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