Cycle: The Jozaphat’s Garden

Jan Kanty Pawluśkiewicz separates the creativity connected with music and composing from the visual one. He even says: when I paint, I become deaf. He betrayed this rule only once – painting “Josaphat’s Garden”. During his work on the concert based on Dante’s comedy, he had a moment of weakness, a moment in which he reached a creative dead end and then he started to paint. The gel-art he then created allowed the master to overcome the difficulties he had in finishing the sheet music. It later became the scene design for the performance.

A proof of the closeness of the concert and the painting can be the fact that every time I recall the premiere of “Josaphat’s Garden” in Łódź, what I have before my eyes is the master in front of his conductor’s stand and behind the orchestra and choir, instead of a usual turquoise-green curtain in the Teatr Wielki, I can see in my imagination the painting breathing the colourful air common for the crowds of birds, fish and plants.


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