Cycle: Umbrellas swim into adits

This series of paintings is an epitaph for the umbrellas broken by Tadeusz Kantor at the turn of the 60s. Jan Kanty often evokes Kantor and looks for universal meanings in his work, or simply engages in polemics with Kantor’s symbolic. However, I’m sure it is not only Kantor that matters in here as there are adits near Cracow. Maybe, under the influence of Kazimierz Kutz, they became closer to the artist? Maybe, at the director’s instigation, the master decided to decorate the black darkness with marvelous colours of gel-art? A joyful highlander with a valaška on one of his paintings is probably the author as a careless wanderer. Not only miners and highlanders like “the umbrellas” but as I have lately found out also bankers are fascinated with them.


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