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  1. The Controller of personal data obtained and processed as part of website operation is the company: Katarzyna Cybertowicz Galeria Autorska Żel-Art Jana Kantego Pawluśkiewicza, ul. Tadeusza Szafrana, nr 5A, lok. 38, 30-363 Kraków. VAT ID no.: 9690173621
  2. The personal data is processed:
  • in accordance with personal data protection regulations,
  • in accordance with the implemented Privacy Policy,
  • to the extent and for the purpose necessary to pursue legitimate interests of the Controller,
  • by means ensuring its security and privacy.
  1. Storage, collection, and processing of personal data from the contact form:
  2. The personal data of persons contacting us is transferred by means of a contact form containing the following personal data: full name, email address.
  3. The personal data collected by means of the contact form is used to answer submitted questions and (upon express request of the person making contact, expressed in his/her email) by the Controller to send commercial information and offers.
  4. This data is private and it is not transferred to third parties for marketing purposes.
  5. The data can be transferred to third parties if this is necessary to perform an agreement.
  6. The transfer of personal data described in Article 3 is voluntary, yet necessary for submission of the contact form.
  7. Each person whose data is in our database has the right to access the data, modify it, delete it, or limit its processing as well as the right to object and to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. If you want to make modifications, please contact us at
  8. The aforementioned personal data will be processed as long as the company is operating or until the authorised person expresses his/her will to remove it.


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